Top Hung

Top Hung windows are often chosen in Scandinavian countries. Their construction has been adapted to severe atmospheric conditions in Northern Europe. These windows open vertically to the outside from the bottom. Thanks to high quality SPILKA fittings, the windows open gradually– after the initialopening, a blockade is engaged, which also acts as a child safety device.




Wood :

Top Hung windows are manufactured from the highest quality wood – pine, oak and meranti. We can however offer other types if requested. We source our materials from FSC certified suppliers, who care about sustainability of ecosystems. In addition, our wood is free from any diseases and termites.

Fittings :

Top Hung windows are equipped with SPILKA fittings which are known for their high quality and endurance.

Glass :

Depending on the customers’ needs and the function of the window, the following glazing options can be chosen:
– soundproof
– laminated
– energy efficient
– ornamented
– fireproof
– burglar-proof
– tinted
– two-way mirrors
– other options available on request


Top Hung window frames can be finished in various styles – oiled, clear – showing the wood texture, or painted. The frames are painted with Teknos Gori products which demonstrate high endurance to external factors. All colours from RAL range are available. Also, the frames can be painted in two different colours to match the exterior and interior designs.

More about Teknos Gori: Teknos Gori


– durability guaranteed by layered wood bonding,
– safety – the handle is lockable with a key,
– very good thermal isolation,
– highresistance to external factors