Sliding doors

Sliding Doors are a type of balcony windows which perfectly complement modern buildings. The windows consist of two wings horizontally sliding parallel to the walls. Thanks to the sliding system, they do not take any space inside the room or garden, which allows for the window area to be arranged without any restrictions.

Sliding Doors allow to integrate the house and the garden into one area, which has a lot of advantages, both functional and visual.





Sliding Doors are manufactured from the highest quality pine, oak and meranti wood. Other types of wood are also available on request. Regardless of the type, the wood we use is FSC certified, which assures that it comes from a cultivated forest. Also, it is free from any diseases and termites, and its age reaches 100 years, which ascertains its high quality.


Sliding doors are equipped with fittings manufactured by renowned companies – G-U and ROTO.


The type of glass can be individually chosen to match the design of the room and according to customers’ needs. The following options are available:
– soundproof,
– laminated,
– energy efficient,
– ornamented,
– fireproof,
– burglar-proof,
– tinted,
– two-way mirrors,
– other options available on request


The finish of French Doors can harmonise with the design of the room. There are three finish options available – oil, paint and clear, showing the wood texture.

We use Teknos Gori paints which are exceptionally durable – the colour does not fade under the weather conditions. The outside and inside frames can be painted in two different colours.
More about Teknos Gori:  Teknos


– durability guaranteed by layered wood bonding,
– light construction,
– high thermal isolation,
– resistance to atmospheric conditions.