Side Hung

Side Hung windows are typical for Northern European countries – Sweden, Norway and Finland. These windows open horizontally to the outside. They are equipped with SPILKA fittings which allow gradual opening. After the initial opening of 8 cm, a blockade is activated, which is a superb safety measure in case a child opens the window.
Side Hung windows consist of two wings separated by a fixed or movable post. Thanks to opening outwards, the windows are being pushed by the wind when being closed, which guarantees enhanced tightness.




Wood :

Side Hung window frames are manufactured from pine, oak or meranti wood, however, on special request, we are able to produce from other types of wood as well. All our wood is FSC certified, which assures that it comes from cultivated forests where new trees are planted after the old ones have been cut.
The wood from our suppliers comes free from diseases or termites, and is on average 80 to 100 years old.

Fittings :

Side Hung windows’ opening mechanism is based on fittings manufactured by SPILKA – a renowned producer of fittings for the outwards opening windows.

Glass :

The number of glass layers in Side Hung windows depends on the width of the frame profile. The type of glass can be chosen, according to customers’ needs, from the following options:
– soundproof
– laminated
– energy efficient
– ornamented
– fireproof
– burglar-proof
– tinted
– two-way mirrors
– other options available on request


Side Hung window frames are available in tree options – clear with wood texture visible, oiled and painted. All colours from RAL range are available for painted windows and the outside and inside frames can be painted in two different colours. We use paints by Teknos Gori which are resistant to fading and atmospheric conditions.

More about Teknos Gori: Teknos Gori


– durability guaranteed by layered wood bonding,
– children safety – the handle can be fitted with a key lock,
– good thermal isolation,
– high resistance to atmospheric conditions