French doors

French Doors are a type of balcony doors popular in the United Kingdom. They feature a classical elegant look and often, they are complemented with decorative glazing bars, thus, perfectly match the traditional English style. French Doors are used both as terrace doors, separating the living area from the patio outside, and as internal doors dividing the living area into individual parts.




Wood :

French Doors are manufactured from pine, oak or meranti wood, however, on special request, we are able to produce from other types of wood as well. Our wood is FSC certified, free from any diseases or termites, and usually between 80 and 100 years old.

Fittings :

French Doors are equipped with fittings manufactured by G-U or SFS – renowned producers of high quality accessories.

Glass :

French Doors can be glazed with various types of glass. Additionally, the glass can be divided by decorative glazing bars. The following options are available:
– soundproof
– laminated
– energy efficient
– ornamented
– fireproof
– burglar-proof
– tinted
– two-way mirrors
– other options available on request


The finish of French Doors can harmonise with the design of the room. There are three coating options available – oil, paint and clear, showing the wood texture.

We use Teknos Gori paints which are exceptionally durable – they do not change the colour under the weather conditions. The outside and inside frames can be painted in two different colours.

More about Teknos Gori: Teknos Gori


– durability guaranteed by layered wood bonding,
– attractive design which can be complemented with sashes,
– exceptional thermal isolation,
– high resistance to atmospheric conditions