Entry Doors

The entrance door is a showcase of each house, so it is important that it looks its best. Not only are MM Timber Windows’ wooden doors of great design, but they are also of excellent quality.

While manufacturing our doors, we think both about their functionality, durability, and unique appearance, because we want the product that we offer our customers to serve them for many years.





The material from which doors are made is a guarantee of their highest quality. We use only the best types of wood: pine, oak and meranti, derived from the best suppliers. Wood, from which our doors are made is FSC certified. FSC certification is granted to products which come from environmentally friendly sources. In production of our doors we use 80­100­year­old wood.


Our entrance doors can be enriched with sandwichpanelen and glass. Glass type can be tailored to customer’s individual needs. We offer :
energy efficient
anti burglar
solar control glass.

We also offer one­way mirrors and other types of custom­made glass. The shape of the glass is matched to customer’s needs.


We offer a wide range of door colours. All used colours come from the RAL chart. Properly applied Gori Teknos paint guarantees durability and resistance to UV rays for years. We also offer dual colour doors. We offer both opaque and translucent finishes.

More about Teknos Gori.


dimensional stability ensured by gluing of wood layers
high thermal insulation
high resistance to weather conditions

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